what to expect

What you can expect at a LHC Sunday service:


Our services begin with 15-20 minutes of singing. Our music is contemporary, and people are encouraged to sing and worship however they are comfortable. Some engage in expressive worship such as clapping and raising their hands, while others worship in less demonstrative ways.  

Recognition of Guests

We welcome our guests and invite them to meet our pastors and other leaders at the conclusion of the service. Guests are never asked to stand or put on the spot in any way.  

Offering and brief announcements

We receive an offering during our Sunday service. Guests are not expected to give. There is a quick reminder of important events happening throughout the week.  


Each service includes a time of teaching from the Bible. We seek to learn what the Bible says and how we can apply its teachings to our lives.  


Prayer is a part of all of our services. Most of our services conclude with a time when people can receive prayer for individual needs.