Our Values

We value CHRIST-CENTEREDNESS. We desire Jesus— His person, His love, His mercy and His power to shine through all we do.

We value THE BIBLE. The Bible is our final authority over opinions or any other source we may look to for direction.

We value being SPIRIT-LED. We believe Jesus is our Head and the Holy Spirit our Counselor. We seek to be responsive to the Holy Spirit in life and ministry.

We value PRAYER. We seek genuine intimacy with God the Father and growth in our communion with Him.

We value INTEGRITY. We seek completely truthful, consistent, and open relationships with God, with others, and with ourselves.

We value EXCELLENCE.  We desire to do all to the Glory of God, which requires our very best.

We value SIMPLICITY.  We want every expression of ours whether speech, music, architecture, or manner—to be non-hyped, natural, and reality-based.

We value GENEROSITY.  We are committed to freely giving away all that we have freely received from God.

We value RELATIONSHIPS.  To the best of our ability we will treat each person with respect, dignity, and loving patience.  

We value UNITY.  Our brothers and sisters are not our enemies. Therefore, we relate to one another honorably, seeking to preserve the bond of peace.

We value the EQUIPPING OF ALL CHRISTIANS FOR THE WORK OF THE MINISTRY.  God calls and enables all believers to express the talents, gifts, and ministries that he has set aside for them.  At Living Hope, we believe every Christian is a ‘minister.’